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Dick Peters is back with another Game Codes extravaganza for you! You ever find that Metal Sonic (or Silver Sonic) baddie to be quite pesky when you’ve made it so far? Well, Dick has a few quick tips to help you knock his lights out!

Yes we actually destroyed that game cartridge.

Camera: Marc Greene
Sound: Nicole Putulik
Game Codes Warehouse: Johnny Letrick


Carson Mauthe is back after a long hiatus to deliver yet another VGM cover of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone to the world! He completely remixes the song with use of skillful guitar playing, skillful drum and bass playing, and slightly less skillful half-naked dancing. But, is there a twist in store for him in the video?

Download this lovely cover RIGHT HERE!!!

The Busted Pixel return with a video that explores the same feelings we’ve all come to experience when dealing with a new Sonic game.