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[D&J] The Long Dark (PC)

Author: Carson Mauthe

David and Josh bundle up before heading out into the Canadian wilderness to take on the cold depths of The Long Dark! Can the duo survive the freezing temperatures for more than 24 hours? Will David’s boy scouts training prepare him enough? Will Josh even get a chance to play? Put on your toque, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the struggle!

This is an early access build of The Long Dark, developed by Hinterland Games.


[David and Josh] Sweet Home (NES)

Author: Carson Mauthe

David and Josh are back for a spooky Halloween Special Review! The two brave boys decide to tackle the legendary, Sweet Home, for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Never heard of it? Well, let’s fix that! This game was never released outside of Japan for its gory content, and is regarded as one of the first survival horror games ever made. Don’t believe me? Well, what if I told you that the first Resident Evil was actually supposed to be a remake of Sweet Home in the early stages of development? Yeah, now you believe me!

Part 2:

David and Josh are back in action –  No, this isn’t a joke, they’ve finally come out of the cages that we’ve had them locked within for years – and what better way to celebrate that than with their old friend, Jack Nicklaus! That’s right, in this episode, the duo rekindle not only their friendship with eachother, but also with the all-time greatest professional golfer on his outing on the Sega Genesis.

Watch as the Blast Processing of the Sega Genesis renders Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf in all of its 16-bit glory to provide the most realistic golf experience these boys have had in years; watch as we unveil a new sponsorship; and watch as Josh performs the world’s first Nugg Putt! It’s all so exciting!

David and Josh review one of the worst games ever made for the NES, The Uncanny X-Men, made by the infamous LJN this lost episode from 2011. Will our duo be able to conquer a single level? Let’s find out!

David and Josh continue to tackle one of the scariest games in all of gaming history! The game being Amnesia: The Dark Descent, developed by Frictional Games. Will David overcome his fear of the game? Will Josh learn to keep his mouth shut? Will David and Josh finally be frightened by the game as the encounter the infamous ‘water section’? Find out by watching the stunning conclusion to our Halloween special!