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Sneak Peek: Hello Neighbor

Author: Carson Mauthe

Dick Peters is here to offer you a quick first look (or a sneak peek!) at the upcoming thriller/horror game, Hello Neighbor! Dick takes a look at a recent Pre-Alpha build of the game and even manages to glitch himself onto the roof. Check it out!

Hello Neighbor is set to release late 2017.

Behind The Music: Youtube A Cappella

Author: Carson Mauthe

Behind The Music takes an exclusive look at the man behind Youtube’s most famous a Capella performers. Peter Hollens, Smooth McGroove, Mr. Dooves, and Bert Terguson are just some of the star-studded names you may recognize in the a Capella universe, but did you know that the performances of their videos are created by one man? That man is none other than Jugg Dannet.

Mind blowing, huh? We just can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode of Behind the Music!

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Our esteemed clients:
Dave Elder (aka Mr. Dooves)

Rocco Botte (Mega64)

Josh Zeaton (David and Josh)

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Holy hot damn it’s another VGM cover! It’s exciting to think that the best game in the entire world has recently just turned 20 years old. So in lieu of celebration, here’s the first VGM cover in two years!

Carson Mauthe is BACK after an extremely long hiatus with yet another riveting VGM cover! This time, Carson decides to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his favourite game, Final Fantasy VI, by performing a cover of The Devil’s Lab (Magitek Factory)! Hopefully Nobuo Uematsu can watch this video with pride.


Carson Mauthe is back and better than ever with his newest rendition of the Gameboy’s Pokémon Red & Blue opening! Such a nostalgia trip! Hopefully this isn’t too much of a departure for Carson.