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Behind The Music: Youtube A Cappella

Author: Carson Mauthe

Behind The Music takes an exclusive look at the man behind Youtube’s most famous a Capella performers. Peter Hollens, Smooth McGroove, Mr. Dooves, and Bert Terguson are just some of the star-studded names you may recognize in the a Capella universe, but did you know that the performances of their videos are created by one man? That man is none other than Jugg Dannet.

Mind blowing, huh? We just can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode of Behind the Music!

Behind The Music takes an in-depth at one of gaming’s most memorable pieces of music, Crazy Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Composer Shawn McPherson provides us with context and stories surrounding his piece. Keep watching for a sneak peak at our next episode!

This skit was actually filmed over a year ago, but was never edited due to laziness. We figured that this needed to be seen after rediscovering the footage. Also, enjoy the new logo! Enjoy!