Carson Mauthe
Founder | General Douchebag
Nationality: Canadian
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CarsonMauthe [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

Carson ‘Our Leader’ Mauthe is a complicated man; He accepts nothing that is void of originality or competence. His constant journey to achieve success in the incredible, ambitious new medium known as ‘Mauthetainment’ is unparalleled and unmatched in this struggle for acceptance we call the ‘universe’. Will man ever conquer what it is he truly wishes to achieve? Can man ever do no wrong? It would be too much of a mistake to simply say ‘yes’ to such questions. The only true answer is ‘Carson Mauthe’.
– James Dean Lipton, 2009

David Betz
Co-Founder | Arrogant Ass
Nationality: Canadian
DavidBetz [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

As he likes to call himself, David is “the only true artist in the world.” Full of a special kind of arrogance that makes even the most snotty artist cringe, David is currently enrolled in the University of Manitoba Faculty of Music and is majoring in Composition. You may ask yourself “David, why is it that you’re studying something that makes you look like a faggot?” the answer is that David just enjoys being somewhere where he can pretend that he is more important than everyone else.

Likes: bad music, bad poetry, bad art

Dislikes: good music, good poetry, good art

Josh Zeaton
Co-Founder | Professional Gainer
Nationality: Canadian
JoshZeaton [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

Josh, also referred to as “Hey you with the shmexy body!”. I enjoy many things such as McDonalds and Call of Duty. I am currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba but unlike the rest of staff members that attend that school, I plan on going somewhere in life. I am an aspiring game programmer and enjoy what I’m doing so far. I enjoy a good intelligent argument and also like to say “FUCK YOU” whenever I get hurt in Street Fighter. I am a funny guy most of the time and easy to get along with. I’m also quite good at video games and if anyone would like to challenge me they are more than welcome to.

GOOD games, physical activity, Myself

Arrogant Assholes, When people tell me their pet peeves

Adrian Jimenez
PR Consultant | The Email Writer
Nationality: American
AdrianJimenez [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

Sam Matzke
Server Crasher | Honorary Douchebag
Nationality: American
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SamMatzke [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

Being one of the only staff members from the United States, Sam (Smartzke) is often eating hot dogs and hamburgers, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and waving the American Flag while watching American Football.  He resides in Wisconsin, a place famous for cows, the Green Bay Packers, and funny accents.  He works at Toys R Us in the video games department, making sure not to sell M rated games to youngsters.  Sam is a wonderful young man with a charming personality, which often goes to waste.  He’s…just a swell dude!  Shake his hand and be proud!

Likes: Friendship, happiness, real-life zombie situations

Dislikes: Nazis, rapists, Kathy Lee Gifford, or any combination of the three


Robert K. Smith
Resident Graphicketeer | Chi-City Ambassador
Nationality: American
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RobertSmith [at] ServerCrashers [dot] com

Born in a Marine Corps base in the year of 1990 on a cool January morn, this fellow (When not tightening the graphics for Server Crashers’ various projects or filming the occasional skit) leads a globetrotting lifestyle of mystery and international intrigue. He is known under many aliases: The Cheeto, Cheeto Banditio, Maurice, but most just call him “Rob”.

Likes: So-Bad-They’re-Good movies, So-Good-They’re-Awesome movies, video games, cartoons, and drawing.

Dislikes: Sauerkraut, nasty smells, and people that are meanies.