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Dick Peters is back with another Game Codes extravaganza for you! You ever find that Metal Sonic (or Silver Sonic) baddie to be quite pesky when you’ve made it so far? Well, Dick has a few quick tips to help you knock his lights out!

Yes we actually destroyed that game cartridge.

Camera: Marc Greene
Sound: Nicole Putulik
Game Codes Warehouse: Johnny Letrick


Sneak Peek: Hello Neighbor

Author: Carson Mauthe

Dick Peters is here to offer you a quick first look (or a sneak peek!) at the upcoming thriller/horror game, Hello Neighbor! Dick takes a look at a recent Pre-Alpha build of the game and even manages to glitch himself onto the roof. Check it out!

Hello Neighbor is set to release late 2017.

Carson just bought himself a new Steam Link device with a Steam Controller, and was too excited about it while making his way home that he just had to unbox it right there in front of everybody!

[PUBLIC UNBOXING] Playstation 4

Author: Carson Mauthe

Well it seems that we have officially entered a new console generation, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to have me embarrass myself in public?

David and I set out to provide the world with the greatest PS4 unboxing video of all time, but unfortunately we became to excited and just had to unbox it right after it was bought.


Author: Carson Mauthe

After waiting in line for 5, cold hours to get his hands on a Wii U Deluxe Set, Carson just couldn’t contain himself and had to film an unboxing video right there in the mall!