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Ultra64: Christmas Special 2011

Author: Carson Mauthe

Ultra64 returns to spread the Christm- HOLIDAY cheer around by offering to us this wonderful Holiday Special! Everyone better enjoy it!

Ultra64: oo7g0ld3n3y3

Author: Carson Mauthe

Ultra64 makes their triumphant return as they take a golden N64 classic for a spin. But wait, it looks like there is a bug. I mean none of this stuff ever happened in GoldenEye right?

Ultra64: Taiko Drum Master

Author: Carson Mauthe

Ultra64 is back! This time, Tiler tests his drumming skills with Taiko Drum Master to an unsuspecting crowd. Will he get 100%? Will the crowd be pleased? Will the cowboy guy be won over in the end? Find out now!

Ultra64: Ninja Golf

Author: Carson Mauthe

Today we complete the Ultra64 duo by introducing the British counter-part, Daniel, with his ServerCrashers debut! For this video, he tackles a well known classic, Ninja Golf. There’s not really much to explain further, so just watch the damn thing!

Ultra64: Super Dracula World

Author: Carson Mauthe

Today, we welcome a new addition to the wonderful family that is! I am of course speaking of Ultra64, a group of guys paying homage to the wonderful Mega64. In this video, Tyler sets out to bring life to a video game concept created by Mega64’s Derrick Acosta. The concept is of course Super Dracula World. Are the inhabitants of the world ready for such a game?

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