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The Server Crashers Christmas Podcast is finally here just in time for Valentine’s Day! Watch as that douchebag, Santa Claus, returns to wreak havoc on the crew and puts them through the Internet Challenge Dice Game! Here are the challenges:

1. 7 Soda Crackers Challenge
2. 2 Slices of Bread Challenge
3. Hot Sauce Challenge
4. The Cinnamon Challenge
5. The Salt and Ice Challenge
6. The Sprite and Banana Challenge

The ServerCrashers team is BACK on the podcast scene after almost a year off, and this time they’re traveling to Seattle for the legendary PAX Prime convention!

A big thank you goes out to Evan Bucholz for supplying the photos used in the podcast! Thanks, Evan!

Server Crashers Christmas-Cast 2011

Author: Carson Mauthe

Holy crap, it’s Christmas 2011 and the ServerCrashers team is back to deliver yet another podcast that offers up a tale of sorrow, pain, and gravy. Watch as our group battle both their minds and their stomachs as they conquer the deadly Gravy Roulette Challenge! It is advised that you don’t watch this while eating, unless you’re a sadist.

Also, try sending some emails to and ask us how our family Christmas dinners went, afterwards.

Server Crashers Podcast Episode 28

Author: Carson Mauthe

Man oh man, it appears that the ServerCrashers Podcast is back in action! In the 28th installment of the podcast, our crew finds themselves in David’s basement, reminiscing about past events until they decide to venture off in to the wild in search for food at the local 7-11. What will find? What will they eat? Will they read emails? Find out by watching this mess!

It would probably be a good idea to actually send emails to so that we don’t embarrass ourselves further.

The ServerCrashers Podcast is back! In this episode, Carson chronicles his family trip to Florida along with showing some clips he took that he thought were way too amusing. All the while, David and Josh offer their expert commentary on the subject matter. Oh, and we read emails, too!

Also, remember to email us at where we will try and read them before the year ends.