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Holy hot damn it’s another VGM cover! It’s exciting to think that the best game in the entire world has recently just turned 20 years old. So in lieu of celebration, here’s the first VGM cover in two years!

Carson Mauthe is BACK after an extremely long hiatus with yet another riveting VGM cover! This time, Carson decides to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his favourite game, Final Fantasy VI, by performing a cover of The Devil’s Lab (Magitek Factory)! Hopefully Nobuo Uematsu can watch this video with pride.


Carson Mauthe is back after a long hiatus to deliver yet another VGM cover of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone to the world! He completely remixes the song with use of skillful guitar playing, skillful drum and bass playing, and slightly less skillful half-naked dancing. But, is there a twist in store for him in the video?

Download this lovely cover RIGHT HERE!!!

Chrono Trigger – Battle Theme

Author: Carson Mauthe

Carson Mauthe returns to his VGM covering roots with this remixed version of Chrono Trigger’s Battle Theme. He masters the guitar, he masters the bass, he masters the Rock Band drums, but will he ever master the half-naked slam dancing?

Download this lovely masterpiece RIGHT HERE!!!

Well, it’s been a really hectic week for us, here at We haven’t been able to film much, so I’ve decided to bring back this classic cover of mine, and re-upload it!

A few things about this cover…

  1. There’s synth!
  2. I recorded this entire song live on ustream
  3. I scrapped the initial backing guitar and took the liberty of making my own
  4. I never liked Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III – The Dark Crystals

Well, it turns out we got lazy, and have decided to re-upload a classic in the Carson Mauthe saga.

Carson Mauthe marvels us once again by bringing back this classic masterpiece of a cover. Good thing someone requested Final Fantasy IV’s Boss Battle Theme to him, otherwise we wouldn’t have this great rendition of Nobuo Uematsu’s epic.

Final Fantasy IV – Boss Battle Theme