A short while ago, we managed to get ahold of a huge collection of VHS tapes. In looking through these tapes, we stumbled across footage of an old video game hint television show. To our surprise, there wasn’t any mention of this series on the internet! So, we’ve decided to make it our mission to digitize and upload every episode from the Game Codes series, hosted by the elusive Dick Peters.

In the first episode, Dick Peters teaches you how to jump the flagpole in Super Mario Bros. for the NES in the very first level! Wow!

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Our esteemed clients:
Dave Elder (aka Mr. Dooves)

Rocco Botte (Mega64)

Josh Zeaton (David and Josh)

Game Footage Provided By:

Carson just bought himself a new Steam Link device with a Steam Controller, and was too excited about it while making his way home that he just had to unbox it right there in front of everybody!

[David and Josh] Sweet Home (NES)

Author: Carson Mauthe

David and Josh are back for a spooky Halloween Special Review! The two brave boys decide to tackle the legendary, Sweet Home, for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Never heard of it? Well, let’s fix that! This game was never released outside of Japan for its gory content, and is regarded as one of the first survival horror games ever made. Don’t believe me? Well, what if I told you that the first Resident Evil was actually supposed to be a remake of Sweet Home in the early stages of development? Yeah, now you believe me!

Part 2:

Our first skit in over a year! We’re back, baby! There’s just been too much comedy happening in the gaming world that we had to come out of hiatus and scratch that proverbial (and literal) filmmaking itch. Anybody else think that the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port mess is ridiculous? Because we sure do.

The Batman: Arkham Knight PC port is one of the worst ports in recent history and serves as a clear cautionary tale against pre-ordering games. With such stellar development studios behind it, how could it have been such a mess? This is how it happened; this is the real life truth behind the disaster.

Special Guest appearance by Mr Dooves. You can find his stuff HERE.