Our first skit in over a year! We’re back, baby! There’s just been too much comedy happening in the gaming world that we had to come out of hiatus and scratch that proverbial (and literal) filmmaking itch. Anybody else think that the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port mess is ridiculous? Because we sure do.

The Batman: Arkham Knight PC port is one of the worst ports in recent history and serves as a clear cautionary tale against pre-ordering games. With such stellar development studios behind it, how could it have been such a mess? This is how it happened; this is the real life truth behind the disaster.

Special Guest appearance by Mr Dooves. You can find his stuff HERE.

David and Josh are back in action –  No, this isn’t a joke, they’ve finally come out of the cages that we’ve had them locked within for years – and what better way to celebrate that than with their old friend, Jack Nicklaus! That’s right, in this episode, the duo rekindle not only their friendship with eachother, but also with the all-time greatest professional golfer on his outing on the Sega Genesis.

Watch as the Blast Processing of the Sega Genesis renders Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf in all of its 16-bit glory to provide the most realistic golf experience these boys have had in years; watch as we unveil a new sponsorship; and watch as Josh performs the world’s first Nugg Putt! It’s all so exciting!

Holy hot damn it’s another VGM cover! It’s exciting to think that the best game in the entire world has recently just turned 20 years old. So in lieu of celebration, here’s the first VGM cover in two years!

Carson Mauthe is BACK after an extremely long hiatus with yet another riveting VGM cover! This time, Carson decides to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his favourite game, Final Fantasy VI, by performing a cover of The Devil’s Lab (Magitek Factory)! Hopefully Nobuo Uematsu can watch this video with pride.



Author: Carson Mauthe

Carson gets way too overly joyed about his new Xbox One that he decides to unbox the console right there in the middle of public, with his friend Troy!

It seems a lot more people were Sony fans than we thought, judging by how many people got angry when we filmed this!

[PUBLIC UNBOXING] Playstation 4

Author: Carson Mauthe

Well it seems that we have officially entered a new console generation, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to have me embarrass myself in public?

David and I set out to provide the world with the greatest PS4 unboxing video of all time, but unfortunately we became to excited and just had to unbox it right after it was bought.