Holy hot damn it’s another VGM cover! It’s exciting to think that the best game in the entire world has recently just turned 20 years old. So in lieu of celebration, here’s the first VGM cover in two years!

Carson Mauthe is BACK after an extremely long hiatus with yet another riveting VGM cover! This time, Carson decides to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his favourite game, Final Fantasy VI, by performing a cover of The Devil’s Lab (Magitek Factory)! Hopefully Nobuo Uematsu can watch this video with pride.



Author: Carson Mauthe

Carson gets way too overly joyed about his new Xbox One that he decides to unbox the console right there in the middle of public, with his friend Troy!

It seems a lot more people were Sony fans than we thought, judging by how many people got angry when we filmed this!

[PUBLIC UNBOXING] Playstation 4

Author: Carson Mauthe

Well it seems that we have officially entered a new console generation, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to have me embarrass myself in public?

David and I set out to provide the world with the greatest PS4 unboxing video of all time, but unfortunately we became to excited and just had to unbox it right after it was bought.

Behind The Music takes an in-depth at one of gaming’s most memorable pieces of music, Crazy Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Composer Shawn McPherson provides us with context and stories surrounding his piece. Keep watching for a sneak peak at our next episode!

This skit was actually filmed over a year ago, but was never edited due to laziness. We figured that this needed to be seen after rediscovering the footage. Also, enjoy the new logo! Enjoy!

Carson Mauthe is back and better than ever with his newest rendition of the Gameboy’s Pokémon Red & Blue opening! Such a nostalgia trip! Hopefully this isn’t too much of a departure for Carson.

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